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A great headshot doesn’t make you great at your job; it doesn’t make even though slightest difference. So why have one?


It’s hard to do sometimes, but remember – It’s not about what you look like, its who you like. People like dealing with people they know, like and trust.  A great headshot is one of the best ways to do that.

A great headshot can show your potential future clients the kind of person you are, are you someone that “people would want to do business with”.  Does your headshot make you look trustworthy, approachable, and someone that they can see themselves doing business with?

Does your headshot look like you? Or does it look like you from a long time ago. Honesty is a big part of making people trust you, if you can’t be honest with yourself in how you look now – how are people going to trust you. Remember, it’s not what you look like  – its who you look like!

I’d love to show a headshot with more hair and a few fewer lbs…. but that’s the real me ( yes I can do something about the lbs, but the hair is long gone…)

If your headshot doesn’t look like you anymore ( ask a friend that will be honest with you – it’s more important what others think of your headshot than what you think of it), and you are in the Ottawa or surrounding areas, Barking Monkey Studio would be happy to help you change that. You can either come to us in our headshot studio, located in Ottawa. Or we can come to you – we love to get out of the studio, especially if it’s a nice sunny day! It’s the small details that make a good headshot great, and at Barking Monkey we don’t stop until you are happy with your new headshot.

Ian had never really seen the value in a professional headshot, after his session he told me he can see the value in one now…

It’s the small details that make a good headshot great, and at Barking Monkey we don’t stop until you are happy with your new headshot. The tiny difference in an expression can be the difference between average and great. If your potential clients can tell that you take care of the details in your own business, they will also be reassured that you will look after them the same way.


One of our clients, Dr Tatyana from Merivale Chiropractic  and Urban Panda Health and Wellness  with her own version of why you should use Barking Monkey Studio ( no script, one take… I was impressed. She nailed it !)

A headshot is a great start to your marketing content for your business, whether its a headshot or a talking headshot / promotional video you are off to a great start.
Ready to get that new headshot, contact us today!

There is no doubt that video content is key in online marketing and social media for your business.

There is so much content out there, that your video can tend to get “lost in the crowd”, all it takes to stand out is to raise the quality of your content!

Even if it’s a short simple message promoting an upcoming event, quality content can make a difference.

Below is a short video Dr Tatyana from Urban Panda Health and Wellness did for her Networking groups upcoming Visitor Day

BNI Business Lunch Exchange Visitor Day Promotional Video from Barking Monkey Studio on Vimeo.


It doesn’t take much to up your game and stand out from the crowd with your online marketing?



Headshots – capturing the real you is important

Ottawa Commercial Headshot Portrait Family Interior Exterior Photographer

Capturing the real you in a Headshot is important

People like dealing with people – a headshot can help your clients see you are a person that is approachable and willing to help them

Tina needed an updated portrait for her business rebranding / business branding update, we think we captured the real Tina !

FEMALE business portrait headshot ottawa


If you need an updated headshot or business portrait in Ottawa or the surrounding areas we’d love to help


Contact Barking Monkey Studio – Ottawa Headshot and Business Portrait Photographers today to set it up

Social Media Campaign – Headshots can help it succeed

Ottawa Commercial Headshot Portrait Family Interior Exterior Photographer


Ian’s company was launching a new social media campaign, he decided an updated headshot was in order. He had never been really happy with his previous headshots, we are proud to say he was happy with the ones from his sessions with us.

A headshot that shows the real you can help people connect with you, making the decision to contact you easier.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s who you look like.

Do you look like someone that people can trust  and want to do business with, that’s what’s important



Need a headshot or business portrait? We would love to help you with that. Either in our Ottawa Headshot Studio or on location in your workplace- Contact us today to set it up



Its always a good time to get a new headshot

Ottawa Commercial Headshot Portrait Family Interior Exterior Photographer

Cynthia came to our Ottawa Headshot studio, looking to update her headshot for her website.


People like dealing with a person, having a current headshot that helps people associate a “face” to your business helps to build a relationship between your client and you  – sometimes before they have met you.

Having a head start on building a great relationship with your client  can only be a good thing, right?


Want to get the same advantage ? Contact us today to update your headshot, business portrait or social media profile




Crazy Carpets are more fun in the Winter than in Summer

Ottawa Commercial Headshot Portrait Family Interior Exterior Photographer

Ottawa Family Portrait Photographer

A Tobaggan/Sledding hill can be a great place to get some cool family portraits  and have some fun at the same time.

And the best part is the kids don’t have to look at the camera and smile ( either do the adults actually!)


kid crazy carpet snow


Looking for a fun winter family portrait?  Don’t be afraid of the cold – dress warmly and you can have a great time

We don’t mind lying in the snow to get the portraits you want.




Winter Family Portrait

Ottawa Commercial Headshot Portrait Family Interior Exterior Photographer

Do you know one of the best things about winter family portrait sessions?  No Bugs!  That has to be a good thing, right?

Sure there might be a little bit of snow, but no bugs…




winter family portrait creek river

Ottawa, Perth, Kemptville, Merrickville all have great locations for winter family portrait sessions – we would love to be your photographers!



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